our story

No matter where you jump into our story, it has always been one of us listening for the voice of God, following where He leads us, and pursuing His presence in our lives, our homes, and in our church. We are committed above all else to see our church, our community, and our city become radiant followers of Jesus.  

The late Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, once said that, “God created man because God loves stories.” Stories have the power to remind us of our past and can inspire us towards the future God has in mind for each of us. Without stories, our path forward would be uncertain, unclear, and full of fear. With our stories, we can remember all that God has done in and through our lives and we can believe that He is still at work in our future.

Our story as a church isn’t picture perfect, but it is a beautiful one where we've continued to see God do amazing things.

Our church began in 2001 in the tiny hotel conference room that we rented at a local hotel. It wasn't long after that we out grew that hotel and we then moved a short drive away to one of the local movie theaters. Our church continued to grow as we continued to share the gospel each week. We worshipped our savior, we dove into Scripture, we drank coffee, ate donuts, and continued to keep our eyes pointed forward believing the best was still yet to come. As God continued to show up week in and week out, the theater we called home soon became too small. And so, it was once again time for another move. We landed in a store-front on Winchester Road. It was a space not designed for a church, but had huge potential as we continued to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in our church. Here the gospel was preached, the lost were found, the sick were healed, the poor were clothed and fed, and the presence and power of God was tangible.

Under the leadership of our founding pastors, the church continued to grow and once again lead us to look for a space that would better house what God was doing in and through our church. We were finally lead to our building on Eastland Parkway.  With our vision to impact the city of Lexington, we continued to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in our church. We planted churches, we launched campuses, we sent leaders out, and we continued to follow His leading in all that we did.

As we step into this next chapter for our church, we continue to honor the story that God has lead us through, but we don't live in it. Our ears will always be listening to what heaven is saying and our eyes will always be directed out ahead, fully believing that the best is yet to come!  

We love our story. We love the mountain tops as well as the valleys. We honor every single piece of our story. But we also believe our story isn't finished yet. We still believe that God is moving. We still believe that God is doing miracles. We still believe in the life-changing presence of God. And we're passionate about helping people encounter Him as they become radiant followers of Jesus.

And we won't stop there. We don't want just a radiant family or a radiant church. We want a radiant community. We want a radiant city. A radiant state. A radiant nation. We desire to see a radiant revival sweeping across our nation.

We believe that the same God who formed our very planet, parted the Red Sea, healed the sick, and raised the dead is still at work today.

And we believe that our story is no where near its conclusion.

The best is truly yet to come.

Lead Pastor

Pastor Kevin and Robyn Clark

Pastor Kevin and Mrs. Robyn founded and have lead this church for over 20 years. With a lifestyle of following the voice of God in their lives, they seek to lead people to do the same; creating lifestyles of obedience to the will of God in their lives, in their homes, and in their communities.